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  Board and Officers
Chairman Emeritus James P. Catty, ICVS ,MA, CPA/ABV, CFA, CPA, CFE
    Corporate Valuation Services, Ltd
  Toronto, Ontario Canada
  Tel:+1(416) 865-9766
  Fax:+1(416) 865-1249
  E-mail: jimc@iacvs.org
Chairman J. Richard Claywell, ICVS, CPA, ABV, CBA, CM&AA, ASA, ABAR
    J. Richard Claywell, CPA.
  Houston, Texas U.S.A
  Tel:+1(281) 488-7531
  Fax:+1(281) 286-8121
  E-mail: richard@biz-valuation.com
President & CEO Board Member William A. Hanlin, Jr. ICVS, CPA, CFE, CFD
    Hanlin Moss Yi, PS
  Seattle, Washington U.S.A 
  Tel:+1(206) 623-3200
  Fax:+1(206) 623-3222
  Email: billh1@iacvs.org
Board Member Monty Bhardwaj, CPA, CA, CBV, CFF, CA.IFA, DIFA
    ValuQuest Limited
  Toronto, Ontario Canada
  Tel: +1(416) 230 2617
  Fax: +1(416) 981 3225  
  E-mail: monty@mnbvaluation.com
Board Member Chris M. Mellen, ICVS, ASA-BV, MCBA, CVA, ABAR, CM & AA, MBA
    Valuation Research Corporation
  Norwood, Massachusetts USA
  Tel:+1(781) 501-1382
  Fax:+1(781) 551-0850
  Email: cmellen@valuationresearch.com
Board Member Michael Badham, CPA, CA, CBV, CF
  Executive Director of the International
  Institute of Business Valuers, Ontario Canada
  Email: michaelbadham@iibv.org
Executive Director Susan Yi, ICVS, CPA
    IACVS Asian Office
  Xi'an, Shaanxi China
  Tel:+86 (029) 88498299
  Fax:+86 (029) 68650501
  Email: susany@iacvs.org
Secretary General Robert C. Brackett, ICVS, CPA
    Hanlin Moss Yi, P.S.
  Seattle U.S.A 
  Tel:+1 (630) 653-7922
  E-mail: bobb@iacvs.org
Director of Ethics and Standards Sandra M Shell, ICVS,CPA/ABV,CVA
    Barraclough & Associates, P.C.
  Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA
  Email: sslee@cricpa.com

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