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A Charter is a local (national or regional) professional organization working closely with IACVS headquarters and each Charter is charged with providing training and support to our Associate Members practicing in the Charter’s nation or region. It governs the ethical and professional performance of the Associate Members and develops local best practices that comply with local, international, and IACVS standards. Charters also ensure that credentialed Associate Members fulfill their continuing education requirements.

A Charter must be incorporated/registered with the local government and comply with local laws. It works under the guidance of a local Board of Directors/Governors and various committees. Each Charter serves as a bridge to connect individual practitioners with the global network of IACVS members. It sponsors events, seminars and conferences for the benefit of members. It shares industry research and resources free of charge or at a nominal cost. Each charter strives to provide leadership in the business valuation industry and fraud deterrence field.

IACVS currently has 12 charters and individual memberships that cover more than 50 countries and regions including: China, Europe, Africa, Korea, Russia/CIS, USA, Middle East, Australia, Canada, Argentina, India, Brazil, Malaysia, Indonesia and Spain.

We are actively seeking charters that will propel business valuation and fraud deterrence forward. For inquiries, please E-mail: susany@iacvs.org.

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