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IACVA Reaches a Comprehensive Strategic Alliance with iiBV

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iiBV and IACVA announce a comprehensive strategic alliance to develop and distribute business valuation courses worldwide that lead to a globally recognized business valuation designation.


Toronto, CANADA – The International Institute of Business Valuers (iiBV) and International Association of Consultants Valuators and Analysts (IACVA) announce that IACVA has become a member of iiBV as a first step towards the two organizations developing a comprehensive strategic alliance to develop business valuation courses worldwide and build upon the IAVCA designation, the International Certified Valuation Specialist (ICVS). 

The iiBV and IACVA will work together to develop a uniformly high standard of professional education courses and testing products that meet the needs of international business valuators and their related VPO's, government agencies, and regulators.  The training products will be "IVS-aware" and designed for both translation into other languages and for the addition of nation-specific modules. These training products will be delivered around the world both in-class and online. Business valuation professionals who complete the core training program of the iiBV and achieve a passing grade on the final exam will be designated as an International Certified Valuation Specialist, proudly, the ICVS.

“The collective efforts of iiBV and IACVA will have a profound effect on the international development of uniform best practices for the growing professional valuation community.  This is an important step in the continuing efforts to the on-going need to earn the trust of all stakeholders: clients, auditors, regulators and the investment community,” says Bill Hanlin, President/CEO of IACVA.

Edwina Tam, Valuation Partner at Deloitte’s Hong Kong office and Chair of iiBV’s Board of Directors added that “The iiBV is supported by senior business valuers from around the world who are committed to helping the iiBV develop the highest quality professional education. Our belief is that a high quality of education will improve the reputation of business valuers with users of valuation reports and government regulators, ultimately leading to the growth of the profession.”

“For the past 5 years, senior business valuers around the world have been asking for a top-of-the-market education and training program, aimed at achieving a globally recognized designation as well as covering advanced topics that are constantly emerging and changing,” says David Foster, CEO of BVR.

As part of the strategic alliance, Bill Hanlin will join the iiBV Board of Directors and various senior IACVA representatives will join the Education Committee of the iiBV.  Michael Badham and Peter Ott will join the Board of IACVA.

Andrew Strickland, Consultant at Scutton Bland Chartered Accountants, London, United Kingdom, and Chair of iiBV’s Education Committee commented that: “During 2017, the iiBV’s goal is to be offering its suite of courses(iiBV 100, 101, 102, 103 and 105) on-line in a modular self-study format, together with exams to support the accreditation process and the IVSC’s plan to develop an international designation.”

The iiBV, together with its member valuation professional organizations, leads the business valuation profession globally by providing business valuation education courses and course materials at the highest professional standard, promoting consistent professional ethics and standards, facilitating the exchange of information and ideas, and encouraging international co-operation and communication among business valuation professionals and organizations.

Founded in 2000, IACVA embraces a broad membership of professionals, students, regulators, academicians and others interested in the field of business valuation and fraud deterrence. This broad-basis brings new ideas and discussions on the best practices essential to a growing professional discipline.

IACVA’s core objective is to transfer best practices in both valuation and fraud deterrence. IACVA promotes the uniform application of valuation theories, approaches, methods and models throughout the world. In the field of fraud deterrence and forensic accounting, IACVA encourages the development and dissemination of consistent and demonstrable systems and techniques for both detection and prevention of fraud.

IACVA pursues its mission through the establishment and support of national professional associations known as Charter Members. These Charter Members represent distinct regions or countries, each with practitioners/members who provide services to their valuation and fraud prevention communities. 


For additional information, please go to the iiBV website at www.iibv.org  or contact Michael Badham, Executive Director of iiBV at michchaelbadham@iibv.org or the IACVA website at www.iacva.org  or contact Bill Hanlin, CEO of IACVA at billh1@iacva.org 

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