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Seminar in Bangalore (India) July 25

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IACVS, Utkrusta Advisors LLP & Khong & Jaafar Sdn Bhd will jointly host a one day Masterclass on "An Insight Into Business Valuation" at The Indian Affair, Bangalore on July 25, 2019.  The Keynote speakers are Mr. Willian Hanlin, Mr. Elvin Fernendez, Mr. Shivadutt Bannanje and Mr. Rajiv Singh, along with other invited speakers. 

Below is the highlights of the course-

* Deeper insight into Business Valuation

* What investors look for in a distressed asset

* Valuation  perspective for distressed asset - Indian Scenario

* Impact on intangible value in distressed asset

* Situation Specific value as well

* Levels of value

* And much more...

Here is the Course Flyer and Registration Form, please contact event@utkrustaadvisorsllp.in or Jyothi Mariae (+91 99860 33676) for more information.

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