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The Sixth ICVS Certification Training Class Held in Malaysia

2019-10-10     Hits:  

The Business Valuers Association of Malaysia (BVAM) has successfully conducted the sixth ICVS Certification Training Class in Malaysia from September 21-23, 2019. Near 20 candidates from took part in the training course.

Our distinguished certified trainer, Sr Elvin Fernandez who is also the President of BVAM, taught the business valuation theories and methodologies, and answered many questions from candidates. The class participants responded enthusiastically to his depth of knowledge and approachability.

Ms. Jowis Ng, a Member of MIA and ACCA and who also has 10 years of corporate finance experience, shared many examples and case studies from an experienced practitioner’s perspective.

Christine Ng, Intellectual Property Specialist with over 20 years of experience in the field of Intellectual Property Strategy and Technology Assessment and Evaluation, met with candidates and imparted her personal experience and real life cases while teaching the topic on Best Practice for Intangibles valuation class.

All participants were encouraged to utilize the IACVS world-wide network to develop their practices through participating in local and global events.

On October 5, twenty attendees sit for the ICVS multiple choice exam. The exam is proctored by Ms. Lisa Guo from IACVS headquarters and Mr. Zamri from INSPEN. 

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