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IACVS Signed MOU with KPCG

2019-12-09     Hits:  

We’re pleased to announce the International Association of Certified Valuation Specialists (IACVS) and the Chamber of Appraisers of Montenegro (KPCG) have reached a cooperation agreement in November 2019. 

William Hanlin (CEO & President, IACVS) met Slavko Rakocevic (Chairman of the Board, KPCG) during the IVSC Singapore World Council Meeting in October 2019. While there they discussed the benefits and possible rolls under several formats of potential cooperation between associations. After additional communications and discussions an agreement has been formalized.

Both IACVS and KPCG have complimentary synergies and common goals of excellence for their respective membership.

IACVS (a Canadian not-for-profit entity, headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, Canada) is a provider of advanced professional training and certification for its global membership in the field of business valuation, bringing the global business valuation community together with common standards and best practices. IACVS operates primarily through its Charter/Chapter Members that now populate the world with practitioners in more than 55 countries. Through these Charters/Chapters, IACVS provides training and certification to professionals and interested persons in business valuation theory, models and techniques (often referred to as “best practices in business valuation”). IACVS confers the ICVS – International Certified Valuation Specialist credential to its individual members who successfully complete a rigorous training and testing program.

KPCG, the recognized leader of valuation throughout Montenegro provides various continuing professional education opportunities to professional real estate valuers and interested persons in the practice of real estate valuation. Currently KPCG has professional association members and is governed by a board of officers. KPCG also has notable experience in delivering training and organizing exams for the issuing of professional vocational degrees in the field of valuation and appraisal.

IACVS and KPCG will work together in all aspects of member benefits and education opportunities (member benefits of each organization will be equally available to members of the other organization).

For additional information contact IACVS Headquarters (info1@iacvs.org) or KPCG Headquarters (slavko.rakocevic@iircg.co.me)

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