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IACVS Signed Cooperation Agreement with ANEVAR

2019-12-16     Hits:  

We’re pleased to announce the International Association of Certified Valuation Specialists (IACVS) and the National Association of Authorized Romanian Valuers, Romania (ANEVAR) have reached a cooperation agreement in November 2019. 


Several years ago, William Hanlin (CEO & President, IACVS) met Dana Ababei (President, ANVAR) in a conference. They have continuously discussed the benefits and possible rolls under several formats of potential cooperation between associations in many conferences they both attended. After additional communications and discussions an agreement has been formalized.


The two associations agree to work together for the purpose of their respective organizations and legal entities associations. The goal of this agreement is the efficient development and functioning of a relationship in order to carry out joint scientific, research, practical, consulting, teaching, methodical and other activities for their heads, staff members, specialists, members of both organizations relationships enhancement and development, make their best to organize their cooperation for own and common interests.


IACVS and ANEVAR will work together in all aspects of member benefits and education opportunities etc.


For additional information contact IACVS Headquarters (info1@iacvs.org) or ANEVAR Headquarters (dana.ababei@anevar.ro)


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